Licensing & Distribution with Stason

Global – Partnerships

Stason focuses its business in the areas of select product acquisitions, and strategic global alliances through both in-licensing & out-licensing partnerships, including:

  • Partnerships with North American & European companies to license products into Asia ( & territories).
  • Partnerships with Asian companies to license products into North America & Europe (& territories).
  • Out-license Stason’s proprietary products through current worldwide partners, or with future partners.

If you have a  pharmaceutical product, or platform you believe may be of interest us, or if are looking to identify partners outside of North America, please contact our Business Development team at

United States – Sales & Marketing

In 2014 Stason established a U.S. Sales & Marketing Division—Quinn Pharmaceuticals—based out of Coral Springs, Florida. Quinn currently markets a portfolio of generic drugs, and continues to expand U.S. sales, and their product pipeline. For more information, please visit Quinn at: