Pharmaceutical Packaging of Solid, Semi Solid and Sterile Dosage Forms

Stason offers the ability to package solid, and semi solid non sterile and sterile dosage forms into a variety of final packages which include bulk, bottle, or blister.

Our capacity includes:

  • Multiple automatic encapsulation machines with capacity of 50,000 capsules per hour. Capable of filling powder, granules, pellets, and minitablets from Size 00 to 04
  • Automatic packaging line with capacity of up to 100 bottles/minute
  • Induction Cap sealing machine
  • Unit dose blister packaging line

Our global integrated network of affiliates and distribution sites allows us to package and distribute supplies worldwide. Multiple automatic and semi-automated packaging lines are used for clinical and commercial packaging processes. Manual packaging is available for custom configurations. Our global distribution network adheres to the strict rules and regulations necessary for global transfer.